ZION: Organic, simple and powerful

Innovative plant nutrition technology for organic and effortless gardening


What is zion?

Zion is a new era in organic agriculture, it is innovative plant nutrition. We are introducing a completely new way to supply plants with nutrients they need to thrive. Moreover, it is absolutely safe for the family and the environment. Zion works by plant “request”: releases particular nutrients to the soil depending on the phase of the plant growth. Just like a food delivery, your plant will get everything it wants and when it wants. The technology dramatically improves harvest, reduces different risks that lead to plant death, and simplifies the entire nutrition process. Does not contain pesticides, herbicides, growth accelerators and phytohormones.


Classic ZION ionite substrate consists of 60 times more nitrogen, 28 times more potassium and 8 times more phosphorus than most fertile black soil.


No allergies or other negative effects on your family's health. (Even your child can use ZION).


ZION application is simple and doesn't require a Ph.D. in horticulture.

Environmentally friendly

100% natural material with no nitrates, pesticides, or hormones. You will not harm the environment by using ZION.


Helps your plant grow healthy and strong.
Works in soil up to 3 years.


ZION is a combination of nutrients (N, P, K, S, etc.) captured by natural ion-exchangers as positively or negatively charged ions.

ZION works like complex soil, as an aggregate of humus and ion exchange materials. Substrates can be used as an additive to any kind of soil to make it fertile.

ZION is not a fertilizer. It is highly concentrated granulated nutritious media for plant feeding. Plants can grow directly in the ZION beads.

Historically, ionite substrates were developed for application in space shuttles, submarines, shelters, arctic stations, etc., as artificial soil for plant cultivation.

What will you get?

A consistently correct dosage—you won't bring harm to the plant or planet

Nutrients are released into the soil and are consumed by the plants due to the ion exchange between the ZION substrate and metabolites excreted by roots during plant development. So the plants always consume their suitable, optimal combination of nutrients for the most sustainable growth.

Savings—effort and money

All nutrients are linked with functional groups of an inorganic environmentally friendly matrix according to the ion exchange principle. Using ZION will prevent nutrients from being washed from the soil, even with overwatering, floods or heavy rains.

Extra growth with an eco-friendly attitude

ZION is user-friendly (add once and simply pour by regular tap water). It contains 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil.

ZION applications

Plants can grow directly in ZION/soil mixtures. You can water plants with regular tap water, and you don't have to use fertilizers. ZION has a long-term effect and keeps nutrients in the soil.