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Suitable for growing any flowers: roses, peonies, orchids, tulips, hydrangeas, annuals

ZION FOR FLOWERS is an ionite nutrient substrate that enforces a strong root system, promotes seedling adaptation and guarantees blossom time prolongation for garden and indoor plants.

  • Promotes adaptation and survival of plants after transplanting
  • Provides the optimal ratio of nutrients for the harmonious growth and flowering of garden and indoor plants
  • Is not a mineral fertilizer; ZION does not contain nitrates, phytohormones, pesticides, herbicides or growth accelerants
  • Based on natural mineral (zeolite); 100% natural material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Absolutely safe for children and pets
  • Sterile according to the method of production
  • Recommended for direct contact with the root system
  • Overdose and root burn are impossible
  • Contains 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil (e.g., rich black soil)
  • Addition of only 2% of the ionite substrate can be compared to fertility with the most nutritious soils
  • Retains productivity for up to 3 years
  • Designed for a volume of 75 liters of soil

ZION FOR FLOWERS can be used to provide the plant with a balanced set of nutrients at any stage of its life cycle. The plant will not need any additional feeding during the lifetime of the ZION substrate.